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Mobatech Launches Mobile Bartender - The Most Comprehensive Bartender Guide Available On A Cell Phone

Bloomfield Hills, Mich., - Setember 7, 2004 - Mobatech today announced the launch of Mobile Bartender, the most comprehensive collection of cocktail recipes available on a standard cell phone. The full-featured bartender guide is designed to help bar patrons quickly become the life of the party, arming them with impressive knowledge of cocktails, shots and drop shots at the touch of a button.

"Mobile Bartender is a fun, practical application that allows consumers to choose that perfect cocktail in any social situation," said Greg Schwartz, CEO, Mobatech. "It's sure to be a hit during a night on the town or when planning a special occasion. The application is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to pinpoint drink selections that match your taste preferences - then tag them for future reference."

Mobile Bartender includes hundreds of drink recipes - the most of any cell phone bartender guide - including cocktails, shots and drop shots. The application is the only one of its kind that includes drop shot recipes such as the Jager Bomb, Car Bomb and Flaming Dr. Pepper.

The application's easy-to-use menu options provides users with the ability to search by liquor type, the first letter of the drink, or the name of a particular shot category. Candy Shooters and Deadly Sins are just a sampling of options to choose from under this menu option. Users also will have the ability to earmark recipes as "favorites" for future reference.

Mobile Bartender can be downloaded from the Mobatech Website and is available to Nextel, AT&T;, Cingular, SprintPCS, Boost Mobile and T-Mobile customers for a one-time fee of less than $8.

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Mobatech is dedicated to designing and developing leading edge software for cellular phones. Mobatech focuses on creating high quality personal productivity applications that customers will find easy to use and beneficial to their everyday lives. Mobatech's Mobile Checkbook software has been sold in over 25 countries worldwide and is currently the leading financial application for cell phones.
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