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If you're one of the many people who does not want to carry around a checkbook and has trouble keeping track of their bank account balance, then you can benefit from the power and simplicty of the Mobile CheckbookTM !

Fewer and fewer people today are carrying around bulky checkbooks and check registers to record account transactions. These same people are increasing their use of debit and check cards. The result is a situation where an individual is often unaware of their current account balance and, in some cases, will overdraw their account. At the same time, a majority of these people are already carrying handheld devices.

Mobile CheckbookTM replaces check registers as we know them today and allows a simpler, more compact means of maintaining an individualís bank account on a BlackBerry handheld.

Only $9.95 - One Time Fee



  • Record account transactions on the go.
  • Quickly view your bank account balance.
  • View past account transactions including date, time, payee, memo and check number.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of accounts.
  • E-mail your transaction list to your personal computer for storage off of your phone.
  • Export transactions to Microsoft Excel and Quicken financial software.*
  • View your total withdrawal and deposit amounts to compare saving versus spending.

Customer Testimonials

Mobile Checkbook is not only the best, but the easiest checkbook software I have used. Creating and editing entries is a breeze and the ability to email a record of transactions to myself is great for backup if I lose my phone. The fact that it eliminates carrying around a bulky manual checking log and is even faster to use since it does the math for you makes it a no-brainer.
Brian from Dallas, Texas
-Mobile Checkbook

In the past, I've not exactly been the best about staying on top of my checkbook (okay, I've NEVER kept a checkbook!), but it looks like Mobile Checkbook 3.0 will change all that. I was set up in minutes, and staying on top of my cashflow has never been so easy (or, dare I say it?, fun!) Plus, the customer service just might be the best I've ever received.
Gina from Los Angeles, California
-Mobile Checkbook

More Customer Testimonials

Mobile Checkbook is a finalist for the 2004 Handango Champions Award for Best Productivity Application and has been tested and certified by Micro Developer Network Inc in accordance with Nextel and Motorola and Cellmania Inc in accordance with Cingular Wireless.

* Mobile Checkbook 3.0 integrates with Quicken 2004 and prior versions that support qif file imports.

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