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Mobatech has teamed with Imageberry to provide a breakthrough in photo sharing technology. With Mobile Imageberry and Imageberry.com, getting pictures from your cell phone to your friends and family has never been easier.

Mobile Imageberry camera phone software provides a user friendly interface for taking pictures on the go. At the click of a button, your digital pictures can be sent over-the-air to your Imageberry web account. Friends and family can then visit your fully customizable, online photo album at yourname.imageberry.com to instantly view the pictures you have taken.

  • Conveniently take pictures on the go
  • Synch pictures with your online Imageberry photo album at the click of a button
  • Pictures are immediately available on yourname.imageberry.com to share with friends and family
  • Save pictures to your handset with an optional description to view or send at a later date
  • Store an unlimited number of full resolution pictures in your Imageberry album
Mobile Imageberry requires a Java enabled camera phone and carrier data plan.

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