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They're easy to use and they stick! eNotes revolutionizes the note taking experience on cell phones by allowing users to stick notes to their e-mail inbox from anywhere at anytime.

Just as Post-It notes changed the note taking experience in the early 80s, eNotes has transformed cell phone note taking by allowing users to stick notes to today's most convenient location, their e-mail inbox. Whether an urgent message or a quick reminder, eNotes helps individuals stay organized on the go.


To make the note taking process as quick and easy-to-use as possible, Mobile eNotes opens directly to the notepad screen. After jotting an eNote, the note can be stored on the phone or sent to you e-mail inbox at the click of a button. Users only need to enter their e-mail address the first time the application is used so eNotes can be created and sent in seconds.

eNotes are transferred over-the-air so they can be posted to your inbox from any location, as soon as they are taken. Record an eNote on the go. Stick it to your e-mail inbox. Have it waiting for you the next time you check your e-mail!

Only $3.95 - One Time Fee

  • Record eNotes on the go from any place, anytime.
  • Instantly send eNotes to your e-mail inbox for future reference.
  • Effortlessly store and retrieve eNotes on your handset.
  • Automatically have the date and time stored included in your eNote.
  • Store your e-mail address once and never enter it again.
  • Delete or make changes to any eNote at your convenience.
* Mobile eNotes requires a Java enabled handset and an internet rate plan that supports sending data over your carriers network.

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